Screening services


Your sexual health can have a huge impact on your wider wellbeing. Whether you have worries about exposure or are about to start IVF treatment, we offer a comprehensive range of STI tests.

Cervical smear test

Cervical smear tests should work around you and your cycle, we have the flexibility to ensure our appointments work around you. Oxona also offers an HP20 test; a unique test to identify individual high risk sub types, which are linked to causing cervical cancer.

Pelvic examination

From vaginal discharge to pain, pelvic examinations can provide answers to many concerns. Our friendly, supportive clinicians will ensure you’re as relaxed and comfortable as possible, with no need for embarrassment.


Pelvic ultrasounds look at your reproductive organs to help detect a number of women’s health issues.  We can refer you for an ultrasound and discuss outcomes with you in detail. We involve you in all clinical decision making. 

Blood tests

Blood tests can reveal a lot about women’s health, from hormone levels to cholesterol and infection. And thanks to our efficient lab partnerships, we can offer testing at more affordable prices.

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