What to bring

With your consent, we will always send our clinical notes onto your GP.  Please ensure you know the name of your GP surgery and your NHS number upon arrival at our clinics. Your NHS number can be found on any recent letters from the NHS, or on the NHS App. Alternatively, you can call your surgery to request this number. 

As a private clinic we do not have access to all your NHS records. This means we cannot see what drugs you have been prescribed, or the outcome of any blood tests results or scans etc.  For many appointments we do not require this information, but if you are coming to us for an ongoing issue where you have already received some treatments on the NHS it is important for us to know. 

You can bring any relevant paperwork with you to the appointment, this might include blood test or scan results. Alternatively, you have the right to access your full NHS record via the NHS app. This can be downloaded onto your phone and brought to the consultation.  If you do not have your full medical record on your NHS app you can request this to be released to you from your GP surgery. 

You can bring the boxes of any drugs you are taking, or a photo of the drugs. 

If you are not sure about the relevance of any medical tests, enquiries or notes then pop us a call and we can advise. 

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